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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • 5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Let’s face it — losing weight always starts out as an easy, inspirational thought that can go bad way too quickly. The theory of weight loss can seem so simple, and when the reality proves more difficult, the donuts always seem to win and your scale loses in the end.

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  • 7 Exercises For Strong, Sexy Legs And Arms

    We all know that working out benefits our health, but let’s talk about one of the other major benefits of exercise — a rockin’ hot bod! We’ve started to take notice that strong is not only beautiful, but sexy too. There’s a sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes from working out, and a certain joy that exudes from new-found muscle definition. Cardio activity is great for overall health, but if you want to improve the tone of your legs and arms, there are specific exercises you can do to blast away leg and arm flab. Bring sexy back with the seven exercises below.

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  • Brown Bag It: 6 Tips to Pack a Healthy Lunch

    Even though you’re not in grade school anymore, a brown bag lunch is something you’ll never outgrow. It’s great for your wallet and your waistline. Bringing your lunch to work can save you a ton of cash throughout the year, which comes in handy during the holiday gift-giving season. Besides saving money, you’re also saving your waistline. Eating out, we’re tempted to treat ourselves to junk food we may not normally eat. We are faced with large portions and fattening sides, like French fries or chips. Even when we make the effort to order something that we think is healthy, there’s a good chance that it isn’t, with hidden calories in salads, soups and sandwiches. If you want to eat healthy and save money, packing your own lunch is the best option. When you brown bag it, you are able to control the portions and choose healthier ingredients. However, time and planning are huge factors when it comes to lunch-packing success. To help you be prepared, here’s a list of tips to pack the healthiest lunch possible:

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  • 10 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    The holiday season is upon us! Over the next few weeks our calendar fills up with holiday work parties, social open houses, shopping trips with friends, and travel. We often find ourselves off our normal routine, surrounded by tempting food we normally wouldn’t eat, and opting for another cocktail. Often we rationalize our actions, claiming it’s a part of the holiday season to enjoy ourselves and everything it has to offer. It’s true that we shouldn’t feel the need to deprive ourselves of our favorite treats, but we need to keep ourselves in check. Follow these ten tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain:

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