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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • The 6 Best Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

    Do you have a love-hate relationship with food? In the rush of day-to-day obligations, do healthy meals fall low on the radar? Do you often eat quickly, standing up, on the go, or in front of the television? Bad eating habits can affect you negatively, in so many ways. With the New Year, it’s time to take a step back and be present with your food, to eat slowly, and savor life deliciously.

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  • 6 Tips To Stop Toxins From Sabotaging Your Body And Your Life

    Chronic fatigue. Headaches. Food sensitivity. Inability to focus. Acne. Difficulty losing weight. Mood swings. These are all symptoms of toxins existing and interacting within our bodies. Our daily habits expose us to harmful substances that prevent our bodies from functioning properly. But all is not lost. Get back to basics with these helpful detox tips.

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  • How To Kick Those Bad Habits For Good!

    As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, take a moment to reflect on the past year. What are the bad habits that you’ve developed or continued in the past year that you’d like to kick for good? Bad habits that plague many of us include smoking, unhealthy food choices, overindulgence in alcohol and lack of exercise. These unhealthy habits keep us from losing weight and getting fit, but there’s no time like the present to make a change. Kick those bad habits for good with these simple habit-changing tips:

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  • Start The New Year Light! 5 Tips To Get Back On Track With Your Workout Routine

    There’s something hopeful about starting a new year. The unknowns and possibilities are all appealing — what could be in store for your career, relationships, and personal health? With exercise and weight-loss goals topping many of our New Year’s resolutions, why not make this the year in which you rededicate yourself to healthy living? Welcome your body to 2015 with these tips to get you back on track with your workout routine.


    1. Set Goals: This is one of the easiest steps to get your body back on track. Whether it’s weight-loss, a running distance, or simply the number of times a week you pledge to workout, these goals will motivate you by setting you up with a plan for the New Year. Keep in touch with the goals you’ve set by assessing how far you’ve come at the first of every month, if not more often.

    2. Invest In Fun Accessories: If you forgot to ask for a workout accessory this holiday season, consider treating yourself to one. A new water bottle, arm band for your phone, or new weights can do wonders for your workout morale. By purchasing something new to wear or use, you are investing in your workout future. You are telling yourself, “I need this, I want this, I will use this.”

    3. Seize The Day: Schedule workout time on your weekly/daily calendar. If you really need a push back to the gym, enroll in a workout class that you’ll commit to. If you like to run, sign up for a race. Anything that holds you accountable will get you up and moving.

    4. Buddy System: Chances are, you’re not the only one in your group of friends with a set of workout goals for the New Year. Find someone with similar workout interests and schedule times to meet up. Share your fitness goals and encourage one another to stay dedicated to the schedule. If one of you falls off the wagon, pull the other one up, brush them off, and get back to work!

    5. Start Slow: There is no faster way to set yourself back than to overdo it the first time you workout in the New Year, especially if it’s been some time since you’ve laced up your sneakers. Overdoing it can lead to sore muscles that will keep you on the couch. Or worse, to injury that will keep you on the sidelines a lot longer than planned. There’s no faster way to derail your workout goals for 2015 than to not be able to workout!

    Remember, it doesn’t matter what resolutions you broke last year. If you gained weight, indulged in too many forbidden foods, or stopped going to the gym during the mad holiday rush, that’s all behind you. What matters is that you care enough about yourself to make your health a priority. Get back into your workout routine to make 2015 the best year for your body. New year, new you!

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