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6 Tips To Stop Toxins From Sabotaging Your Body And Your Life

Chronic fatigue. Headaches. Food sensitivity. Inability to focus. Acne. Difficulty losing weight. Mood swings. These are all symptoms of toxins existing and interacting within our bodies. Our daily habits expose us to harmful substances that prevent our bodies from functioning properly. But all is not lost. Get back to basics with these helpful detox tips.

Stop Toxins

1. Transition Slowly: Removing entire groups of food from our diet, especially several at one time, can feel extremely restrictive. And trying to quit addictive substances like sugar and caffeine “cold turkey” can have uncomfortable side effects, like headaches and irritability. Try starting with small changes. Instead of two cups of coffee in the morning or two glasses of wine in the evening, drink only one. Lessen the amount you consume every few days which will help minimalize withdrawals. If you suspect food is to blame for your symptoms, remove one culprit at a time, wait a few days and see how you feel.

2. Prepare: Being prepared will help you be more successful with your detox. Stock your kitchen with the right foods and plan out meals and snacks in advance. If you find you enjoy smoothies and shakes, invest in a quality blender. You may also consider rearranging your social calendar a little so that you’re not faced with too many temptations.

3. Supplement: Our bodies are intelligent and can eliminate toxins on their own, but the right supplements will assist in the process and deliver better results, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Jenesis Detox Capsules, available from AndsTrim, provides a 100% natural detox supplement that is formulated to increase your metabolism, reduce appetite, burn belly fat, accelerate fat loss, boost energy and reduce stress. The special blend of ingredients in Jenesis, including garcinia cambogia extract and bee pollen, is designed to encourage the detoxification of your system quickly and effectively.

4. Exercise: Light exercise during a detox can be a good thing, because it gets your system moving. Walking and yoga are two good options that help your body eliminate toxins more effectively. Aim for about 30 minutes a day, but don’t overdo it.

5. Hydrate: Drinking water is so important because it literally flushes out impurities in your system. Water also helps curb your hunger cravings, especially between meals and snacks.

6. Relax and Reflect: Find the time to sleep and take care of yourself. Identify stressful triggers for your mind and body, like celebrity magazines that make you feel bad about your body, and do your best to avoid them. Stay positive and avoid negativity in your life.

Cleansing your body of toxins will not be easy. The first couple of days will be tough because your body receives a shock to its system as it tries to repair the damage. However, by following these tips for a smooth and enjoyable detox experience, you should feel lighter, less hungry, more vibrant, energized and focused within a week.

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