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  • Problem Areas? No Problem! A Guide To The Best 3 Exercises For Each Body Type

    There are certain things we women love about our bodies, and there are certain things we hate. Should we just blame our genes and pout about it for the rest of our lives, or is there something we can do to conquer our trouble spots? Don’t give in to your problem areas; fight back with the best workout for your body type!

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  • 7 Exercises For Strong, Sexy Legs And Arms

    We all know that working out benefits our health, but let’s talk about one of the other major benefits of exercise — a rockin’ hot bod! We’ve started to take notice that strong is not only beautiful, but sexy too. There’s a sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes from working out, and a certain joy that exudes from new-found muscle definition. Cardio activity is great for overall health, but if you want to improve the tone of your legs and arms, there are specific exercises you can do to blast away leg and arm flab. Bring sexy back with the seven exercises below.

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