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  • Unearth These 6 Health Benefits Of Potatoes

    No matter how you say it, potatoes are a versatile vegetable with a variety of health benefits. Both regular and sweet potatoes have a lot to offer. Besides the various ways they can be prepared, potatoes provide essential vitamins and nutrients that keep our bodies healthy. Dig in to the information below to unearth the benefits of potatoes.

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  • Still Awake? 9 Natural Cures for Insomnia

    Does it take you a long time to fall asleep, even if you are physically exhausted? Do you toss and turn at night instead of sleeping soundly? Are you wide-awake at 3AM staring at the ceiling and wishing you could catch just a few more hours of shut-eye? Do you feel groggy throughout the day, even though you tried to go to bed at a decent time? Then you may be one of the 50-70 million Americans suffering from sleep deprivation, labeled a national epidemic by the CDC.

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  • 6 Strategies To Overcome Stress Eating

    Many of us are known for eating our emotions, which is why there’s a whole category of food known as “comfort” food. Whether you are feeling sad, lonely, uneasy, anxious, angry or overworked, in times of stress, we turn to our favorite comfort foods to help us cope. Unfortunately our comfort foods of choice are rarely healthy or low-calorie. Too much stress induced eating can quickly take a toll on our health and waistline. So how can we stop the cycle of stress eating? Here are six strategies to try to end the attack on your body.

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  • 5 Healthy Reasons To Love Chocolate

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, do you have chocolate on your mind? You may be wondering if chocolate is sinfully delicious or a healthy treat. The truth is better than you might think! In fact, when faced with a sweet tooth, dark chocolate might be the best indulgence to choose. Could this silky smooth treat quench your craving and provide health benefits too? Read on to discover the best reasons to choose chocolate for you and your Valentine.

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  • The 6 Best Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

    Do you have a love-hate relationship with food? In the rush of day-to-day obligations, do healthy meals fall low on the radar? Do you often eat quickly, standing up, on the go, or in front of the television? Bad eating habits can affect you negatively, in so many ways. With the New Year, it’s time to take a step back and be present with your food, to eat slowly, and savor life deliciously.

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  • 6 Tips To Stop Toxins From Sabotaging Your Body And Your Life

    Chronic fatigue. Headaches. Food sensitivity. Inability to focus. Acne. Difficulty losing weight. Mood swings. These are all symptoms of toxins existing and interacting within our bodies. Our daily habits expose us to harmful substances that prevent our bodies from functioning properly. But all is not lost. Get back to basics with these helpful detox tips.

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  • How To Kick Those Bad Habits For Good!

    As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, take a moment to reflect on the past year. What are the bad habits that you’ve developed or continued in the past year that you’d like to kick for good? Bad habits that plague many of us include smoking, unhealthy food choices, overindulgence in alcohol and lack of exercise. These unhealthy habits keep us from losing weight and getting fit, but there’s no time like the present to make a change. Kick those bad habits for good with these simple habit-changing tips:

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  • Brown Bag It: 6 Tips to Pack a Healthy Lunch

    Even though you’re not in grade school anymore, a brown bag lunch is something you’ll never outgrow. It’s great for your wallet and your waistline. Bringing your lunch to work can save you a ton of cash throughout the year, which comes in handy during the holiday gift-giving season. Besides saving money, you’re also saving your waistline. Eating out, we’re tempted to treat ourselves to junk food we may not normally eat. We are faced with large portions and fattening sides, like French fries or chips. Even when we make the effort to order something that we think is healthy, there’s a good chance that it isn’t, with hidden calories in salads, soups and sandwiches. If you want to eat healthy and save money, packing your own lunch is the best option. When you brown bag it, you are able to control the portions and choose healthier ingredients. However, time and planning are huge factors when it comes to lunch-packing success. To help you be prepared, here’s a list of tips to pack the healthiest lunch possible:

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  • 6 Simple Ways To Live Longer

    Where do you see yourself in thirty, forty, or fifty years? Most of us don’t envision our lives changing that drastically in the future. We see ourselves continuing daily activities and pursuing the things we enjoy, perhaps at a more relaxed pace. But do we honestly know to what level of quality will we be living? We’ve all heard about aging gracefully, but what about living gracefully and to the fullest capacity? Believe it or not, finding ways to age beautifully is simpler than you might imagine. Besides eating healthy and exercising, here is a list of ways to live the future life you want:

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  • Why Giving Thanks Is Good For Your Health

    As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important that we reflect on its meaning. Behind the turkey, stuffing, sides and pie, the act of giving thanks is at the heart of this holiday, and is actually one of the best foods for the soul. Throughout history, philosophers and religious leaders have highlighted gratitude as a virtue that is integral to health and well-being. So how can a dose of gratitude keep us healthy? Mental health professionals have started to explore this idea and have discovered some promising results: Continue reading

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